Holiday Card 2012

ChristmasCard_2012-12-04bIt’s that time of year again.  Time to take requests from the girls on what our holiday card should be and to send the results to friends and family. Continue reading


Riddle of the Black Cat

A project I have been working on is starting to show in festivals, so I am happy to finally share.  Over the last few years I have been doing art for an animated short called “Riddle of the Black Cat.” Continue reading

School Mural

Mural_2012-05-05During the last half of this school year, a group of parents organized an art project at my daughter’s elementary school. We would do one big mural and about twenty animals that would go into the classroom for the kids to paint. Continue reading

Beatrice’s Birthday Card

It’s this time of the year again when I torture the youngest of my girls with a birthday card.  She had requests, but in the end the elephant, monkey and giraffe was difficult to fit in.  A big happy birthday to Beatrice!Adding a couple sketches and the rough.


Holiday Card 2011

Happy Holidays everyone.  Every year I do an illustrated card to send to friends and family, and although I think some would prefer a photo, I enjoy the thinking the whole family does to come up with the card that represents us. Does that mean we skated through the year? Far from it, but the image feels right. I wish you all the best in the new year.And here is a sketch for a direction Beatrice came up with where we are all owls.

Art of Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

For Most of 2011, I art directed at Double Fine on Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.  This is a Xbox360 title that was just released to work with the Kinect controler.  It was a fantastic opportunity to work with some amazing people on a project that I felt as though was directly for my kids. Although I was managing the artists on the team I also contributed with some concept art. (There’s always Saturdays.)  I’ve attached a selection of the finished pieces I did.