Overylayed Virtual Reality

IGKnight_VisionMode_130706 found myself with some freetime during this holiday weekend, so I got back into an old image in need of revisiting.  The original was done in 2007 to illustrate what could be done with overlaying information within different themes through vision channels. (Click to view more artwork) Continue reading


Ralph McQuarrie Tribute Art

Ralph McQuarrie passed away last month and this seems like a chance to share a little. I will save you from the long story, but while in college I had a job where Ralph and I sat in his studio and talked for hours. Continue reading


I had the chance to do a couple sketches this month. The first was for a great kindergartener that loves Obi-wan from the Clone Wars cartoon.  A wise choice. I wish him and his family all the best.

The second sketch was a little thank you gift to local Star Wars fan and fellow Comic Book Box shopper, Steve Sansweet. He led a great tour at his Star Wars museum this last week.

Still more Mars Designs

Here are a few more early designs for Mars.  They are not the final design, but were a part of the early exploration.  For the exo-suit, a great design by Dermot Power was chosen, and the Nanny Robot was a collaboration between Landis Fields and I.

More Mars Needs Moms artwork

There were a number artists working on the Martian Rocket, trying to find what the director wanted. The ship in the show was designed by Darren Bacon, who did a great job.  Below are two of my ships.

Here is a sheet of some of the explorations.

Can’t have a rocket without a rocket silo.

Mars Needs Moms Artwork part 3

The extractor was a set at the end of the movie that held Milo’s mom.  It was solar powered, which gives Milo until Sunrise to save her.  Below is the key frame painting I did after final design was determined. I will take this chance to walk through a selection of the design work it took to get to the final.

Step 1: Sketches inspired by the script. (click image)

Step 2: Design each element then recompose into model sheets. (Click image)

Lastly, do key frames such as below and the top image.