Overylayed Virtual Reality

IGKnight_VisionMode_130706 found myself with some freetime during this holiday weekend, so I got back into an old image in need of revisiting.  The original was done in 2007 to illustrate what could be done with overlaying information within different themes through vision channels. (Click to view more artwork)




The idea was a near future concept so people getting will see this through glasses or contacts, but you might find advanced users with implants.  What excited me about the potential here was making the internet a part of the real world: Buildings would be painted gray in the real world, but technicolor in the virtual world;  Advertisements would interact with the world and people; Kids could bring their game persona into the world; a wearable firewall would be a necessity when spam is like graffiti…  Here is a close up detail of the Social window that helps show some of these ideas. To also show some of the painting on the image, here is the background without the noise.GKnight_VisionMode_2007

Lastly, here is the original image from 2007.  Basically the same image, but the colors are less natural and it needed more time.


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