Mars Needs Moms Artwork part 3

The extractor was a set at the end of the movie that held Milo’s mom.  It was solar powered, which gives Milo until Sunrise to save her.  Below is the key frame painting I did after final design was determined. I will take this chance to walk through a selection of the design work it took to get to the final.

Step 1: Sketches inspired by the script. (click image)

Step 2: Design each element then recompose into model sheets. (Click image)

Lastly, do key frames such as below and the top image.


One thought on “Mars Needs Moms Artwork part 3

  1. Greg, you did great work on ‘Mars Needs Moms’, are you selling art work from it? Even better would be to find out if you are game for dialog on a potential film project that even Simon Wells would like.

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