Star Wars Clone Wars Torrent Fighter

Back in 2002, I had just finished a project at LucasArts where I designed a bunch of Star Wars vehicles.  Lucas’ Licensing department asked if I had anything that could be used as a fighter for an undisclosed project.  I didn’t, but jumped at it and turned in the design shortly after.  Six months pass and I saw it shown in Genndy Tartakovshy’s Clone Wars Series.  What a surprise!  When Dave Filoni’s Clone Wars Series came out, I was blown away to see that they were still using it.  On top of that, they made a toy out of it!  We bought one for my girls last week.  Apparently Polly Pockets fits perfectly into the cockpit.  I’m feeling proud and a little bothered at the same time.

Here is a page of sketches that led to the final.

Here are screen shots from the two series.  Both versions for the ship were drawn/built from the same drawing, but the sylization is great to see.


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